Devon Churches Green Action is a task group which promotes awareness of ecological issues among the communities/churches of Devon and encourages people to take appropriate action to make their lifestyles more sustainable. It was formed in 2002 by the amalgamation of Devon Christian Ecology Group and Devon Churches Sustainability Working Group.

DCGA promotes and brings a Christian perspective to ecological insights and ethical lifestyles within the churches and communities of Devon. Some of the other issues with which DCGA is concerned include:
  • Creation, faith and worship
  • Living churchyards and green burials
  • Local and fairtraded food
  • GM foods debate
  • Ethical investment
  • Environmental Audits
  • Farming and fishing
In our commitment to the preservation of God’s gifts in Creation, we should be concerned for the quality of life instead of constant economic growth; for solidarity with future generations who will inherit the Earth.

In our own lifestyles, many Christians do take seriously a New Testament emphasis on living lightly in our wealthy, consumerist society. Sharing resources with family, friends and neighbours, or at church; giving surplus profits to charitable or community groups; supporting environmental or social justice organisations; reducing energy or waste levels; becoming more involved in household re-use/re-cycling/composting. These are all important ways of living more sensitively in relation to the wider Creation. How we use God’s resources, spend our money and employ our time are fundamental questions for all people of faith.

DCGA aims:
  • to support sustainable and ecological communities
  • to develop congregational eco-audits and local action
  • to cooperate with other agencies on developing sustainable community life
  • to promote Devon Churches Climate Change Report and Action Plans
  • to develop a Devon Churches Energy Network (DeCEN)
  • to circulate information through newsletters and church magazines
  • to develop church policies on sustainable development
  • to reflect theologically on green issues
  • to promote prayer and worship with an ecological focus
" Be careful to pass the land on as an inheritance to your descendants forever. "   (1 Chronicles 28)