Devon Churches Green Action exists to

promote awareness of ecological issues among the communities and churches of Devon
encourage people to take action to make their lifestyles more sustainable

Why we do what we do

As part of our commitment to the preservation of God’s gifts in Creation, many Christians take seriously the New Testament emphasis on living lightly in our wealthy, consumerist society.

We are concerned for the quality of life instead of constant economic growth, and for solidarity with future generations who will inherit the Earth.

Sharing resources with family, friends, neighbours, and in church; giving surplus profits to charitable and community groups; supporting environmental and social justice organisations; reducing energy consumption and waste levels. These are all important ways of living more sensitively in relation to the wider Creation.

How we use God’s resources, spend our money and employ our time are fundamental questions for all people of faith.

How we can help you

We can

  • Provide information and practical resources – "how to"s and case studies
  • Provide theological reflection and worship resources
  • Connect you to other communities and churches seeking to make a difference
  • Connect you to agencies which can support you taking action
  • Provide material for your church magazine
  • Help you with applications for an A Rocha Eco Church award
  • Support development of environmental church policies and practices

Please get in touch to discuss further.