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Buzzing Churchyards

posted 18 Sep 2018, 01:02 by Martyn Goss
As part of the Devon Living Churchyard’s project, Exeter Eco Diocese is running a series of workshops on developing these pockets of church land as a key part of our ministry. 

Last week at Buckfast, Clare Densley from the Buckfast Abbey Beekeeping Department, talked about the huge benefit of encouraging bees in churchyards – including the siting of hives in appropriately hidden areas. Bees are such amazing creatures and play such an important role in the ecology of most landscapes in Britain.

Martin Hann, Devon Bee Inspector, estimated that there are well over 1,000 bee keepers across the county, including in many urban areas as well as villages. Churches could provide a location for hives, even if others were to look after the bees.

Will Pyne, from St. Andrew’s, South Tawton, spoke of the wider interest generated in the community, as well as the income produced by the sale of honey!  Other participants are now hoping to introduce bee hives in their own churchyards. 

 If you or your church would be interested in finding out more or inviting a speaker, please contact David Curry, Diocesan Environment Adviser (  01392-294940