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Electric Bikes in Devon

posted 9 Sep 2013, 02:14 by Martyn Goss   [ updated 26 Nov 2017, 04:28 by Websites Ahoy ]

Members of DCGA ran a stall at the Green Fair on Exeter Cathedral Green on 7th September 2013. This year we picked up the theme of cycling and electric bikes. The Diocese is promoting these in conjunction with Power Pedals of South Molton. These are great bicycles and really suited to the Devon hills. If we can encourage enough people and parishes to express an interest we we shall achieve discounts.

Electric bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, ecofriendly, fast and hassle free travel. Almost 200 million of them have been sold worldwide already, and they’re beginning to become very popular in Europe too, particularly on the continent. Electric bicycles (often called e-bikes) are here to stay – they’re becoming part of our future sustainable transport system.

Petrol prices aren’t going down. The cost of filling your car weekly now sits at around £70. Add to the expense of fuel the car insurance, services and MOT, car tax, wear and tear, depreciation, parking and repairs.

Cycling is hard work too! There are some who relish the challenge, but for the average commuter anything is better than arriving at work dripping wet!

The vast majority of our journeys on the whole cover short distances. Perhaps you’re driving across town to go to the shops, or taking the time to visit friends and family, but do we really need to jump into a car, which usually weighs over a tonne, and drive such a short distance?

The concept of an electric bike is totally new to most. The industry is new and emerging, and there is a general lack of accessible high-quality information, and quite often the public are wary of new technology. Yet the advantages of e-bikes include staying fitter, no licence required, easy refuelling, use on roads and cycle paths, less exertion and help on Devon’s hills.

Electric bikes can also mean more time to do what you want, more money spare to do what you want, the chance to get from A to B and enjoy the scenery en route- and of course help to reduce carbon emissions and their effect on the planet.

Please contact Martyn Goss at the Old Deanery, Exeter for further details: (01392-294940).