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Faith in Food – Inter-Faith Farm Visit

posted 6 Nov 2017, 01:36 by Martyn Goss   [ updated 24 Jan 2018, 06:51 ]
On 5th November twenty five of us from different faith traditions paid a farm visit to Shillingford Organics near Exeter. We were from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities spending a day together to prepare and share a meal, as well as looking at the farm and engaging in discussions about food.

The lunch consisted of local grown vegetables and fruits which we turned into soup, salads and drinks. Earlier, farmer Martyn Bragg guided us on a tour and spoke of some of the challenges facing independent organic farmers in a market dominated by subsidised global corporations.

Our discussion included how sharing food can bring people together and build relationships of trust. We conversed about food security and unhealthy diets prompting obesity and diabetes – contrasting with a theology of enough and our practices around fasting. We also talked about reducing food surpluses, hospitality and the importance of celebrating festivals and feasts.

The event was a timely reminder of how we can re-connect with one another and the Earth through food and eating, recognising the gifts and responsibilities God holds before us.