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Post-Epiphany Reflection

posted 19 Jan 2012, 07:51 by Martyn Goss   [ updated 24 Nov 2017, 10:43 by Websites Ahoy ]
I have been really struck in the past few weeks (mainly by Christmas consumerism and New Year sales) by how we are pressurised into feeling dissatisfied. We are continually fed messages which tell us our lives are empty without certain products, activities or fashions. In order to be more fulfilled, we therefore need to purchase these ‘goods’ - only to find that we remain unsatisfied and there are then more novelties to be sought out, and so the process goes on. In effect we are made continuously to feel incomplete and inadequate. This consequently erodes the confidence we have in ourselves and pushes our complicit escape into insatiable consumerism.

I would see this as part of the deeper spiritual crisis which contributes to the ecological challenges faced by the planet as a whole. To forever demand more and more from a declining resource base, leads us down the path of destructive unsustainability, and ironically even further away from that elusive happiness we continually seek from excessive materialism. We are not at peace with ourselves and cannot be at peace with the planet.

Let’s try to reject dissatisfying and distractive lifestyles… A healthier response is to become more appreciative of living as we experience it, and enhance our ability to understand life as gift. We do not need more things in order to impress others. We need to love God through loving others and ourselves, seeking peace and justice in the face of vulnerability and to preserve the capacity of the Earth which ultimately provides and sustains all life.

Martyn Goss, January 2012