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Climate Week - new Devon Green Churches Award

posted 4 Mar 2013, 05:19 by Martyn Goss

As part of Climate Week 2013, churches in Devon will be able to apply for a new Green Church Award in recognition of the work they are involved in to address environmental destruction and climate change. Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates will be presented to congregations actively engaging in environmental action.


The Anglican Bishop of Plymouth, Rt. Revd. John Ford, who launched the initiative at Exeter on 4th March said, “This is an important opportunity to affirm what local Christian communities are already doing to protect God’s earth.  Many are using green energy, serving fairly traded produce, reducing their carbon emissions or supporting vulnerable communities facing climate dangers”.   He added, “This certificate acknowledges this is a key part of the Christian gospel to care for the planet and to speak out for justice”.


Over one hundred churches across the County are already registered as Fairtrade, many have implemented energy saving measures, twelve have installed solar PV panels and five have composting toilets.  Others campaign actively in favour of local food producers and farmers, and some use their land for community gardens.


Devon’s Church Leaders have also signed the ‘Ash Wednesday Declaration’ calling for further prayer and action to address runaway global warning and the consequences for future generations.  Martyn Goss, Diocesan Environmental Officer said, “It is becoming clearer that the impacts of our lifestyles on the world’s ecology are likely to be catastrophic, and these concerns raise questions that go to the heart of our Christian faith”.


Also during Climate Week in Devon a series of new liturgies will be released, including a Climate Communion Service.

Devon Churches Green Award is promoted by the Diocese of Exeter’s ‘Shrinking the Footprint' team
together with Devon Churches Green Action.


For applications and Climate Services please contact Joanie Harris:  Tel:  01392-294940